UKG quiz for small childrens

You a a genius and smart kid. Do your smartness. You will win in your life every You are an exellent kid. May the god bless you. If you pray to god you will get high paying job in your life.

A re YOU genuis or acting like genuis. Do you know a through that therefore exellence is not an habit but a pratise. If you remember this though in your mind you can wing anywhere in your life.

Created by: henas

  1. _______________ orange
  2. A red ____________
  3. 7 ____________9
  4. Select the correct spelling of 7.
  5. 9 tens are ______________
  6. A blue __________________
  7. A white _______________
  8. We have tottally ___________ sense organs in our body.
  9. 5 tens are ______________
  10. 8 __________ 10

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