Uhhh... Try Get 100% on this

If your reading this you are a legend you are a genius but what really is a legend or a genius well ill tell you. when you look in the mirror and you see someone looking back at you thats who a legend and a genius is :) good luck :)

ARE YOU A GENIUS AND LEGEND ? do you have the strength to handle my quiz? do you have the brain cells to gett all of the correct well ill beleive it when i see it good luck peoples have a good time with my quizz tell your friends bout it :)

Created by: jenna

  1. cake?
  2. if you were being chased by a really fast person, he wanted to beat you up and you knew he was faster than you, you would:
  3. most awesome name:
  4. what show is the best?
  5. bestfriend or alot of friends
  6. adidas or nike?
  7. Justin bieber or no
  8. tall as a giant or small as a dwarf
  9. needles?
  10. if there was a fire and there was no way out what would you do?
  11. YOU SUCK!!
  12. summer or winter
  13. COD!!

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