two worlds meet part 4

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Created by: GirlandGirl
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  1. Sorry I I'm not GirlandGirl any more I am now reteena so you'll get my quizzes at reteena now even Dangerous Emo Love
  2. Now where you left off... and it disappeared then a image starts to swirl like a black hole and a hand comes out then a foot then the whole body that is Ren " Hey _____ how is Dean?" He asks with a worried face " Ren what are you doing here? Where are we?" You spatter out " Well we are in my house and I'm working with Dean to keep you safe now that I found you we can all protect you from the dark. " He says. you stare at him with a confused look. He walks to Dean and checks his pulse he then freezes and turns to you with a happy smile almost about to scream with joy " He woke up didn't he?" He asks you " Yea he did but then went to sleep again is he OK?" You ask " _____ He isn't OK but now that he's awake theres more hope he'll live" he says " _____ he's been badly hurt. "
  3. The only thing you can do is let out a little gasp " Come on _____ I'll show you some more things you need to know." He says and you both walk through the mirror. You both enter in a room tower with bookshelves. Ren picks out a old red book from the shelves and opens it. "OK _____, I am going to explain to you the angels roll. They are summoned to take care and teach the children from the most highest of wizards. Now Fins mom is one of the most powerful wizards in the 2nd world so when she had Janeth and Fin the angels then became there teachers but Dean had to go do something in the 3rd world when Fin was 2, so Justin had to teach both Fin and Janeth so when he got his wings he made an bad decision and he became half evil. " he says taking a breath.
  4. "Justin broke Janeth and made her evil he was getting more darker, but Fin never gave in which helped Justin keep the good in him. When Janeth was at age 10 and Fin 6 Justin left them to go and test the good in him, Fins niceness didn't work so Justin left to the 1st world. Then Fins mom got very sick and almost died when Fin was 11 and then she had to fight death with cancer and still is." He says
  5. You look at Ren shocked at how much he knows. "So have any questions?" Ren asks
  6. " With Fins mom sick to death she hasn't been able to check if the worlds are in order, and Janeth opened the 1st world so that the dark angels can control the 2nd world." Ren says
  7. "Fins ok , but his mom is very very sick" he says sadly
  8. "Dean and Justin where born from a high angel, but it's said they may only have one child but once every 100 years they may have two but its may risk the fact that when they get there wings they'll be total opposites". He says
  9. "Dean and Justin where born from a high angel, but it's said they may only have one child but once every 100 years they may have two but it may risk the fact that when they get there wings they'll be total opposites". He says
  10. "Your parents where high wizards too but they lost there powers and died. You hold their magic. We think that you have the power to destroy a world. They want you so that the 3rd world is destroyed. That's why we have to protect you. _____, you can't destroy a world it will mess with the balance but once you turn (your next age) then we will be safe its in a month so we have to protect you till then." Ren says
  11. "You also have the power to of invisibility, teleporting and you get wings too." Ren adds "we should start training well start with your wings now I want you to think of all the magic you have and hold it in your hands." He demands you do as he says " OK " you say " Now I want you to use your magic and make wings. Feel how they would feel coming out your back." He says you do as he says and you can feel them growing soon you open your eyes to see full grown wings in the mirror the color orange "Wow." You say
  12. "Great now I want you- he begins before losing his balance and falling to the ground. He sits up using his hand while the other one is on his forehead " Are you OK Ren?" You ask "Yes when I get a vision I tend to get a big headache and tend to fall." He says getting back up " what was it about" you ask "This guy tall thin dark brown hair and dark brown eyes he's also wearing glasses." Ren describes "He's in the 1st world and is suffering." He also adds
  13. You scream knowing that the person is Drake who you totally forgot about him "Is he OK?" You asked worried " Not that OK he's in bad shape I'll go get him." Ren says you hug him and say "I'll watch Dean and take care of the house." You say he kisses you on the forehead and says "Stay safe I don't know what I would do if you got hurt."
  14. He disappears in a second and you go through the mirror you first went into. You then you notice that Dean is sitting up looking right at you "_____! Your OK I was worried they got you. Where is Ren. I would have gone after you but I'm too weak. Is Ren OK." He splatters out with joy and concern in his eyes. He tries to get up but he can't you sit next to him eyes locked with each others he leans and hugs you. He leans back and you can see that he is exhausted. "Dean go to sleep I'll take care of you." You say and he agrees and he rests his head on a pillow and he's out.
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