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  • That was AWSOME! I loved it. I got:


    You're warm, passionate and caring. You are naturally playful, fun and chatty and everyone wants to be your freind-rightly so, because you are also very loyal. You love to flirt but don't like to get too intense, too early. People admire how head strong and outspoken you are, although you do have a fiery temper and don't like to be messed with! So get your furry butt to La Push and go join the wolf pack!

    Though, no one wants to be my friend because I have constant mood changes and i'm weird. I don't flirt, and i'm not headstrong or outspoken, whatever that means. I have a temper, but it always stays bottled up. But totally, I love all of the Lycans! (I like vampires more than werewolfs, really, but there are only, like, eight good vampires in Twilight)

  • Wooo! Werewolf all the way Jacob and his buddies are hawt!! Although Jasper Cullen is pretty damn awesome!!

  • nice quiz! I got werewolves knew it. but really they arent werewolves. they r called shapesifters. werewolves cant change when they want

    Degrassi girl
  • i am team edward and i got jacob i dont care EDWARD ROCKS AND JACOB IS A JURK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !11

    tea peeta

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