Trump or Clinton, who do you side with?

There used to be Hillary, Bernie, Marco, Trump, and John. Now its left down to the final two. Who do you side with, I don't know and I'll never know!!

Are you Trump or Hillary, I already said I DONT KNOW!!! But you can now find out for yourself by taking the quiz, only twelve questions and you'll truly find out!

Created by: Wizard_Hunter_Hi

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  1. Do you believe in gun control?
  2. Do you believe that street fights should be llegal?
  3. Lets say you were trading with your best friend. Would you want the trade to be fair?
  4. Do you bark a lot?
  5. Do you think disabled people are stupid?
  6. Do you think we need a better education?
  7. Who do you think your gonna get?
  8. I have gotten all the info I need, but on GoToQuiz, I have to have at least 12 questions, so just press any answer choice
  9. Still waiting...
  10. Last, question...

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Quiz topic: Trump or Clinton, who do I side with?