The ultimate Donald Trump quiz

Donald Trump is a dude who loves America I guess. The news have been shoving him into everyone's faces, and it would be insane if someone didn't know who he is.

How much do you know about Donald Trump? How many cool, interesting, weird facts do you know about Donald Trump? Take my Trump quiz and put your knowledge to the test!

Created by: KawaiiToaster

  1. What is Trump's favorite color?
  2. Does Donald Trump want to build a wall?
  3. What food does Trump hate?
  4. What color is Trump's hair?
  5. What is Trump's wife's name?
  6. Where is Trump from?
  7. Who is "going to pay" for Trump's wall?
  8. Where does Trump live now?
  9. What is Trump's hair compared to?
  10. What year did Trump win the election in?
  11. Who was Trump up against in the election?
  12. Which party did Trump run for?
  13. How many wives has Trump had? (Including his current one)
  14. How old is Trump? (As of July 2017)
  15. Does Trump support LGBT?
  16. Is Trump racist?
  17. Is Trump sexist?
  18. How many times did Trump go bankrupt?

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