Who are you like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump

Okay so a lot of people want Hillary Clinton and a lot of people want Donald Trump so I just want to see who it really is gonna be for president so ya

I hope you like my quiz and tell other people about it cause I honestly think it's a great quiz to see if you like Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton better

Created by: AJKBW7

  1. What is your favorite quote out of these
  2. Out of these what would you want to do
  3. What would you rather have
  4. What to you want America to be again
  5. What's your favorite name out of these
  6. What size house would you rather have
  7. How many kids
  8. Girl or boy
  9. Favorite color
  10. Now for the last question Hillary Clinton Or Donald Trump
  11. Are you gonna comment(this doesn't affect your score)
  12. Are you gonna rate this quiz(this doesn't affect your score)

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Quiz topic: Who am I like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump