Donald Trump Quiz

There are many Donald Trump "Fans". But are you the biggest one? Take this test to find out today! I Hope you enjoy this wonderful Donald Trump Trivia!

Do you know Donald Trump? Are you a super fan when it comes to Trump? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, you could find out today! Hope you enjoy this Trump Trivia!

Created by: Izzy Campbell of Donald Trump Quiz
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  1. How many daughters does Donald Trump have?
  2. What is Donald Trump's middle name?
  3. What is Donald Trump's current wife's name?
  4. Where did Donald Trump go to college?
  5. Donald Trump is 69 years old. True or False?
  6. What social media does Mr. Trump use?
  7. Donald Trump has a spray tan. True or False?
  8. Does Donald Trump's hair look like the poop emoji?
  9. Who should've won? Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?
  10. Is Donald Trump racist?

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