True Minecraft Quiz

THIS IS FOR PROS ONLY SO IF YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MINECRAFT SLOWLY TURN YOUR DEVISE OFF, SLOWLY STEP AWAY AND THEN ONCE YOUR ABOUT TWO METERS AWAY, RUN TO THE NEAREST BURGER KING! JK You can be the noobiest Minecrafter alive but still a fan of it. Or your just bored and have nothing to do so you just went here.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to do my everyday random word spamming. hi no you are weird no I am weird suck it I'm awesome yes typing like a pro bra

Created by: Fox Boy

  1. Who is the creator of Minecraft
  2. What is the creators last name?
  3. What is the creator of Minecraft?
  4. What Minecraft mob is NOT a real mob?
  5. What Character will hang off the sign in Minecraft?
  6. What block will make you go even slower if you put it under Soul Sand?
  7. How was the Enderman noise made?
  8. How much hearts does a snowball do to a Blaze?
  9. What did the creator almost call Minecraft
  10. ~FINAL QUESTION~ Do I have Minecraft?

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