The Minecraft Quiz - Are You A Noob?

There are many normal Minecraft players. But are you a noob? Are you just a normal Minecraft player? Maybe you don't know. Or you might know, but you are not sure what you are.

Are you a noob? Do you have enough Minecraft imformation in your head? If so, then try this quiz and find out if you're a true normal Minecraft player or just a little noob!

Created by: PvPGamerMinecraft
  1. How do you mine diamonds?
  2. How do you get bedrock?
  3. Who took over creative mode?
  4. Who created Minecraft?
  5. Who created Scrolls? (Find your answers in minecraft's website!)
  6. Who is the owner of a multiplayer server: "edawg878 creative server" ? (find your answer in planet minecraft!)
  7. Do you play Minecraft?
  8. When do you play minecraft?
  9. How many world types are there in Minecraft?
  10. Do you like the quiz?

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Quiz topic: The Minecraft Quiz - am I A Noob?