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I love warriors! This is my second quiz. My first was the one by Stormfeather, with the moth flight picture. I am inspired by the many quizzes I have already taken. Thank you!

I have two perfect cats named Libby and Tiger. Their warrior names are Graycloud and Tigerstripe. Libby is a gorgeous white she cat with silver patches and big, brilliant green eyes. Tiger is a muscular Tom with golden, brown and black spotted tabby markings. I love them!!!!!!

Created by: Stormfeather

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Pelt color please.
  2. Rank (this one is important)
  3. RP time! Your best friend/rival for deputyship is pinned during a fox attack. What do you do?
  4. More RP!!! The cat you've been crushing on has kits with your littermate you:
  5. Your opinion:
  6. What cat is your favorite?
  7. Which couple is your fav?💋👄
  8. Do you like the manga books?
  9. RP again! You are patrolling with your crush, and he stops, stares at you and admits he loves you. You;
  10. RP time!!! Your brother has kits with a she-cat who you don't trust. You;
  11. Do you have a cat?
  12. Please rate this quiz 🔷= a star
  13. Do you like Libby, (Graycloud) or Tiger, ( Tigerstripe) better? Intro to each was in second paragraph of my quiz intro.

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