Warriors: Into the Wild

If you clicked on this quiz, then you must love Warriors as much as I do.The books by Erin Hunter have kept me busy when I was bored and inspired me to make this quiz.

Have you read Warriors?If so, take this super fun quiz!There are 11 questions and a sequel yet to come!Also, there is a secret to the quiz, so make sure you pay close attention!And Have Fun!

Created by: StarClan's First Warrior
  1. What is the main cat's name?
  2. Who is the main cat's best kittypet friend?
  3. Who attacks the main cat when he goes out into the forest for the first time?
  4. Which cat invites the main cat to join ThunderClan?
  5. What is the main characters clan name?
  6. Who does the main cat fall in love with at first sight?
  7. Who was the main cat's mentor?
  8. Who did the main cat find while out hunting one day?
  9. What did Bluestar allow Yellowfang to become when Spottedleaf died?
  10. Which answer has been the right answer on all the questions?
  11. Did you enjoy?

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