tracy beaker quiz

This awsome quiz is about what you think and not anyone else thinks but you whizz your way throught this quiz then see who you are you might be tracy or frank,tee,carmen and else good luck

If you are genius you will love this quiz its just about using ur brain power and knowledge and understanding new words if u are young and this is ur first time

Created by: tracy beaker

  1. which do you think is the most preetiest?
  2. who do u think is the most annyingest
  3. who do u think is the smartest
  4. what do u think carmen will be when she grows up
  5. what do u think harry is
  6. do u think lilly is
  7. do u think saffire is
  8. who do u like best
  9. which do u think is most boring
  10. who do u most hate?

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