Torchwood: Children of Earth Quiz

See if you can be too cool for school. If you get this all right, you might not have to go to school anymore! Please do not get angry if you don't make it. Always keep trying this quiz forever till your millions of years old!

Can you crack it! Yes you can! Are you clever enough, yes you are! You will soon find out if you win. See if you can be a brainboxer and no longer anything crazy!

Created by: Peter

  1. What kind of appearance did Toshiko Sato make after her death?
  2. What did the Children chant in Day One?
  3. What is the name of Captain Jack's daughther?
  4. Why did the British Goverment put a bomb inside Jack's stomach?
  5. What is the name of the Prime Minister of the UK in this series?
  6. In Day Three, what were the children pointing at?
  7. What is the name of the person who got Jack killed?
  8. What did the 456 do that killed Ianto Jones?
  9. In Day Four, what did the number '325000' mean?
  10. In Day Two, who was the red skeleton?
  11. The Prime Minister found out Jack couldn't die so what else did he choose to do with him?
  12. By working for Torchwood, what did Lois Habiba do?
  13. In Day Five, what happened at the very end of the episode, 6 months later?

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