Are you a torchwood lover?

There are people who watch torchwood, and people who WATCH torchwood. So are YOU a FAN or just a spectator????? So go ahead and take the quiz!!Please, take my quiz if you want to, if you want to find out if u r a torchwood fanatic or a torchwood watcher!!

Torchwood fans are ...wel torchwood fans and are generally CRAZY,but are you CRAZY bout torchwood, or just heard of it sumwhere??? Gonna take the quiz now???? You KNOW you WANNA!!!! (do you???, if you do then go nuts)

Created by: TTT
  1. In episode 2 series 1, day one, what is the name of the girl who is possessed by the gas?
  2. Which one is NOT a name of the members of the Torchwood team?
  3. What sort of car do the team drive?
  4. How many torchwood books are there in teh series 1 "collection"?
  5. What is the name of the alien who "uses" Tosh in Greeks baring gifts?
  6. What is the episode number AND name in which gwen and owen see bits of the past(and future)?
  7. Name any torchwood book.
  8. What si the name of Ianto's old girlfriend?
  9. What is Gwens' FULL NAME?
  10. What is the name of the little girl in the episode small worlds?

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Quiz topic: Am I a torchwood lover?