Time to punish your child, or yourself! This is a harsh puni

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My oh my you have been a bad kid. But don’t worry we have all the best punishments here, a little pain and a big lesson. I’m takeing up space because there’s nothing to write.

If your reading this I just want to tell you you should get a brush beforehand cause you’ll most likely need it. Mmm. That’s all I have to say except good luck while your butt is still not red.

Created by: GetsSpankedALot101

  1. How old are you?
  2. What gender are you
  3. What did you do to deserve this punishment?
  4. What punishment do you think does the most on teaching you a lesson?
  5. Are you sorry
  6. Describe yourself as a student. Are you
  7. Describe yourself as a kid at home. Are you..
  8. Wich do you want to increase?
  9. Ready for you results?
  10. Well I have to do two more questions so.. how often are you spanked?
  11. And NOW are you ready?

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Quiz topic: Time to punish my child, or myself! This is a harsh puni