Time to flirt! Pt.1

Will you find love? Get your heart broken? Have the thrilling of a lifetime? Find out in time to flirt! You'll love it and you'll be waiting on the edge of your seat for the next one! Pt 2 comin out soon!

Ok so, here's a few pointers. You are a girl in grade 8 and 3 of your best friends are guys! Jake,Nick, and Will. Which one will you love? ______ means your name. Here's a description of the guys. Jake is the same height as you and is a football quarterback. He has chocolate brown hair and sweet blue eyes. He's your closest friend. Nick is shorter than you and has blond hair and blue eyes. He plays soccer and is one of your friends. Finally, Will has light brown hair and dazzling green eyes. Hes in the archery club and is another one of your friends.

Created by: Robinsong

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  1. The story begins on question 2. Good luck getting the guy you want!
  2. You walk into school one day and see Jake,(your friend and crush) waving you over. You walk over to him and say...
  3. He looks worried. He takes your hand and leads you to another spot away from the other kids. Hey are you alright? You ask. He runs a hand through his short chocolate brown hair and sighs. We had to take my little brother to the hospital last night, he said. Oh my gosh that's terrible! You say. You put a hand on his shoulder. What happened? He was bouncing on his bed and then he fell and his head hit the dresser. Is he going to be alright? You ask. The doctors don't know, he admitted. Just as you pull Jake into a hug Nick walks around the corner. You push away from Jake and start blushing. Guys I've been looking everywhere for you! The principal just got some news, and she's mad.
  4. You Jake and Nick arrive at the principals office to find Will sitting in one of the chairs, his head in his hands. You walk up to him and poke him in the side. He jerks his head up and suddenly your inches away from his dazzling green eyes. You quickly pull your head back. What did you do this time Will? Nick sighed. Will shook his head. One minute I was sitting in my chair texting dawn (wills girlfriend) and now, I'm here. Dude your not supposed to text in class. You know that. Jake said. Will just put his head back into his hands. They took my phone. He mumbled.
  5. You never realized it but Will is actually kind cute. Suddenly the principal walks in. What are you kids doing here, she says, go on scat! You all start to leave but she bars the door for Will. Not so fast, she says, we need to have a talk. Will shrugs and waves at you with a doofy grin on his face. What do you do?
  6. After the school bell rings you see Nick sitting in one of the trees. You walk to the tree and poke Nick with a stick. He looks down at you. Oh hey _________ didn't see you there. He holds his hand down and you take it. He lifts you up and you sit next to him on the branch. You know, I've never really thought about having a girlfriend, he says. That startles you. He looks at you, his gaze trapping yours. He hesitates, but then leans forward slowly. You also hesitate, but you both lean forward and your lips lock in a kiss. You kiss until suddenly you feel someone watching you. You turn your head and you see _______ sitting next to you.
  7. You see a snake coiled up right next to you! You scream and fall out of the tree. Thankfully the branch was closest to the ground, so you only got the wind knocked out of you. Nick hops down and helps you to your feet. You okay? He asked. You nod. Where did that snake come from? You ask. Um, Nick scratches the back of his neck, that was actually Garth, the science pet. He said. He's harmless. Oh... You said. You stand there in awkward silence until You say, well, I'll see you tomorrow. And rush towards the bus. When you get home your mother was waiting for you to get home. Honey, she says, Kate ran out of the door,(your huskie) would you mind getting her for me? Oh.. Sure mom. You walk out and decide to go get some help. The first place that pops into your mind is...
  8. You choose Jakes house since he's closest. You walk up to his door and knock. Jake answers. Oh! Hey ________ whats up? My dog ran away, can I have some help finding her? You ask. Yeah sure, he says. Just let me get my shoes. He closes the door. You smile and hop down to the sidewalk. A couple seconds later Jake hops down next to you. So where do we start? He asks. Well my mom said she ran this way. You point west. Let's go! You and Jake run towards a far west house. When you get there you start whistling, and Jake starts calling Kates name. Suddenly Kate pops out of a bush and leaps at Jake!
  9. Ok guess what, CLIFFHANGER!!! (:0)
  10. Alrighty. Rate and comment for me to make pt 2 quicker!!!

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