Ticking away...

Ticking away

Forever Ticking away

Created by: singin234
  1. Being the youngest daughter of five sucked. Well are had the weirdest names, I supposed my mother loved flowers well nature. The oldest was Sky; she was a good at frighting and also the smartest one. The second oldest is Aura, she was the funniest of us all. Third was Lily, she was kind and caring. Fourth Rose, she had the looks and a giggly girl, never mean though. Next the youngest is me, Violet. I am more of a dreamer, not like I tell them. I am a person with two different sides and not a girly girl. I guess I am normal but not, if that makes sense. Wondering why I am sleeping in a tree? Well there was a fire and we all ran different ways but who started the fire is after us. I guess I should tell you the whole story, But it isn't pretty.
  2. Our mother died and Sky being the bossy one and the oldest had to take care of us. I had just turned 18; it was the day after my birthday we found her. She was in the rose garden, with a knife in her head. She was on the ground and beside her were some flowers. A red rose, a lily, a violet flower, a sky blue flower and a flower that was white. The other girls saw right passed it; they didn't know those flowers were us. The sky blue was Sky, the rose was Rose, the lily was Lily, the white flower was Aura and the violet flower was me. Then a lonely week without of mother passed and then he came. He looked two years older than my mother and beside him was his son. Drake was his son. The father was called Zen; he shot fire out of his hand. That what started the fire and we all got away.
  3. I slowly opened my eyes and rolled over, forgetting that I was in a tree. Thinking I would hit the ground, I landed on something. I hope it wasn't a small animal or any animal for that matter. I heard a groan from under me, a guy I guess. I quickly got off him, "sorry" I said sheepishly. The guy got up and looked at me; he had black hair and purple eyes. He stared at me like I was crazy, "That fine" He told me. I don't think he was going to ask why I was sleeping in a tree. "Where are you heading" He asked me. I was going to a small town to meet up with my sisters; I was going to take a week to get there. "(name of a small town)," I told him shifting my weight to the other leg "My sisters are going to meet me there"
  4. He looked at me like I was joking "On foot" He asked me. "Why not" I snapped at him, putting my hands on my hips, I could do this myself. "Well I will take you to the closest town and have breakfast with you then you're on your own" He told me dragging me to a black car. He put me in the passenger seat then got in himself and stared driving. "How long is it until the town" I asked him as he stared the car. "Ten mins" He told me. I sighed and looked out the window, I was really hungry. What was with that bluish glow yesterday? I asked myself thinking about the water and the food
  5. ** "What is your name" I asked him before taking a bite into my pancake. "Chris" He told me as I chewed on my food. Chris didn't really talk a lot but he teased me, "I am Violet" I said when I stopped chewing my last bit. Chris payed and we walked out of the place. I guess this is where I leave him, "before you go. Let's do 20 questions" Chris told me. I nodded "okay" I said as we walked to the forest. "Why were you sleeping in a tree" he asked "running from something" I quickly said back. He looked at me with a wondering look. "From what" he asked "I have to go. I'll see you later maybe?" I asked him. He nodded "yeah maybe" He handed me fifty dollars. I looked up at him "you so owe me" He told me as he walked away. "Thanks" I told him and stared walking into the forest.
  6. It was so peaceful in the forest, the birds and no people best of all. I slowly walked through the forest, with the fifty in my pocket. Chris was right I really owe him, big time.
  7. I heard a twig snap behind me, I slowly turned around. Nervous at what I might see, did he find me? I couldn't believe my eyes, in front of me was a big brown bear.
  8. There was 819 words in that. Well so it said. I think...I dont know.
  9. I hope you liked it
  10. Thank you if you put a comment or you rated.

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