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I'm so sorry about not posting and it being almost a year but I decide to cancel the release party because it was taking so long to plan but I will try and type up part

13,14,and 15 this week your all amazing people and I couldn't do it without you all enough said I hope you enjoyed and please keep writing and keep reading as well

Created by: mcqueen

  1. hi and welcome to this weeks hottest quizzes: award show I'm mcqueen and I'm here with my co-host the sweet,amazing,and talented Aria
  2. This is a special qui to honor the amazing writers that have taken up a lot of room in my Memorex notebook with their splendid and wonderful work
  3. Here's how this show works we are going to announce who has won an award for first person to ever be in my series, most mention in one quiz, most quizzes in my series so far, and everyone who has two or more quizzes in my series now let's start the show
  4. First person to be in my series: BookPny672 with her story middle school romance
  5. Most quizzes in my series: chopinssonata with mysterious love story, delinquents, NEVERland series, the wallflower, and the girl who lived
  6. Most mention in one quiz: mirimichelle with A Hogwartz love story, just another love story, and crazy stupid love story
  7. Two or more quizzes: lorren128(awkward but romantic love, dark shadows, and lost love) TheRecklessBam(teenage chronicle, snow craux) Jhawkgirl(super love, a one direction love story)......
  8. ILuvHolister(Love!!!!, L.O.V.E., love and surprises)Reanna15146(funny, idiotic things to do, I became a survivor) ivoryleaf(snapshot of our love, lost love, 250 years without you) 33izzy(secrets, forever and always)....
  9. CountryBayRythm(survival, never forgotten) singin234(breathtaking secrets, frozen snow)rvelez(I know your secret, falling feather)....
  10. 5thMarader(hogwarts love story, love only goes one direction) ABC(being skylar, love,life,and drama)vuturemonem(hogwarts love story, Don't give me excuses)music826(shout-out's from music826, hogwarts love story)natstar43(A new beginning, your summer love) dotorofapollo(love,lies,hot guys, random stranger wait what, A scary British love story........
  11. Now we present two super secret awards the first goes to my co-host aria for being the kindest, most helpful, and strongest person on gotoquiz
  12. and the last one goes to the hysterical Beatles Obsessed congrats you all deserve it love aria and mcqueen

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