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thank you for takin this times addition of this weeks hottest quizzes im sorry if i spelled any thing wrong od if i spelled your user name wrong i sprained my index finger on monday and now i have to wear a splint but it will be better by this monday i hope

thank you everyone who have takein part one and an even bigger thank you for taking part 2-7 if you leave a comment I will check out your quiz and you might be in next weeks addition

Created by: mcqueen

  1. mind tricks by sevengail 10 stars my mind was tricked into loveing this series
  2. the breakfast club rewrite by Xx3mo_ang3lXx 11 stars never seen the movie but i bet is't nothing compared to this series
  3. a chance for a second chance by yo_whats_up 11 stars if this doesn't give you inspiratin then nothing will
  4. stop by sunnyday 11 stars i must admit this quiz has my attion
  5. a hogwartz love story by (the incerable) mirimchelle 11 stars this girl can seriously write a good story
  6. just another love story by (once again) mirimichelle 10 stars leaves me wanting more
  7. your romance at hogwart by jay 11 stars way better then the movies
  8. crazy stupid love story by (for the third time) mirimichelle 10 stars my fav type of stupied crazy
  9. will you survive by wonka 10 stars this is my kind of quiz a quiz with a challange
  10. falling feather by (this super sweet girl) relez 10 stars sounds super cute and smells like a hit
  11. one direction love story by 1Dlover 10 stars this series is going to be a hit with the 1d fans

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