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thank you everyone who have taking part one and an even bigger thank you for taking part 2-12 if you leave a comment I will check out your quiz and keep a look out for next times addition

thank you everyone who have taken part one and an even bigger thank you for taking part 2-12 if you leave a comment I will check out your quiz and you might be in next weeks addition

Created by: mcqueen

  1. Hogwarts Forever by liz_king97 10 stars you take "welcome to the wonderful world of hogwarts" to a whole other level
  2. HowartsRomance by coconinama 10 stars your take on this series would put even JK Rowling to shame
  3. MY crazy life (A story) by beatles obsessed 10 stars what better way to put it other than I love it and you sure know how to write
  4. wild love by silver flame 10 stars the only thing wild about this series is how I fell in love with it
  5. New girl, New life by ceeceeXD 11 stars I can say this girl loved this new series
  6. Immortal by cheese1234 10 stars this series is immortal because the thought of it never dies in my mind
  7. Dark Edges by crimsonbound 11 stars this series is dark and edgy but best of all it's written by a great writter
  8. The fake nations by booklover411 11 stars what can I say besides I pledge allegiants to this great series
  9. maybe hogwarts isn't so easy after all by freeze 11 stars I know this series isn't easy to write but you sure make it look easy
  10. love is magical... literally by DelTop13 12 stars if the title isn't magical the series sure is
  11. powerful by Darkflamchic 11 stars this may sound corny but this is one powerful story
  12. Betrayed by love by veronica 11 stars you will never be betrayed by this series it's fantastic
  13. High school love by Ericka 11 stars dang I want to go to this school
  14. Torn (A love story) by EmGirl 10 stars this series will have you truly torn
  15. your average high school love by ore 11 stars there's nothing average about this series
  16. Year one at hogwarts by booklover411 12 stars very few people start with year one and only a few of them are this good
  17. Giving love a shot by kitty_cat (teresa22) 11 stars this series has it all and is well written
  18. surrender by CountryBlonde 11 stars one thing is for sure that I'll never surrender my right to read this series
  19. The Girl Who Lived by (the amazing) chopinssonata 12 stars this is the freshest spin on the harry potter series I have even seen and it never disappoints

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