This Quiz is Toxic

This is a strange quiz, the meaning of which I won't share. I can promise you, however, you will find out! The questions may seem a bit random, I actually think so myself.

I am going to ask you something:please be honest. Don't just put something because you think it will get you a good result. Thank you very much, and enjoy!

Created by: wishfulthinker

  1. Hello!
  2. My name is Wishful Thinker. What is yours?
  3. Now,would you like something to eat?
  4. Well, I have...
  5. Why do you think this quiz is called, 'This Quiz is Toxic'?
  6. Well, it does not really matter.
  7. Do you like to read?
  8. Well, the quiz is almost over... just a few more questions!
  9. Peanut Butter!
  10. Yes, sorry about that...

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