How toxic are you?

Health can be measured in ways other than blood pressure readings, stress tests, or lab analysis. Many health problems have been definitively linked with exposure to specific toxins, including those that we expose ourselves to by our lifestyle choices. Ask yourself simple questions regarding your mood, bodily functions, environment, and daily life for a personal review of signs indicating toxic stress.

Poor health results from poor cellular functioning that disrupts organ activity and allows bacteria and viruses to gain a foothold. What kinds of obstacles do your cells encounter that disable their ability top work as they should? Does your body have the ability to clean house by properly eliminating toxins and waste products?

Created by: Katherine M. Coleman of biophilia: love your whole life
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  1. I have taken antiobiotics during my life.
  2. I take (or have taken) aspirin, or Tylenol, or ibuprofen, or other over-the-counter pain medication.
  3. I shower and/ or bath in regular tap water.
  4. I microwave my food in plastic containers.
  5. I drive in heavy traffic on a day to day basis.
  6. I blow dry my hair, and/ or use makeup and cosmetics (nail polish, moisturizers, body lotions, suncreen, standard soap and detergent for my skin).
  7. I eat fast-food and at restaurants on a daily basis or eat brand-name food products that are advertised on TV.
  8. I drink soft drinks, sports drinks, and/ or use artificial sweetners such as NutraSweet or Splenda.
  9. I drink eight or more glasses of water a day.
  10. Does your thinking seem slow, sluggish, and/ or fuzzy?
  11. Do you experience apathy, listlessness, or rollercoaster emotions?
  12. Do you experience extreme and persistent fatigue?
  13. Is your complexion unusually pale, marred by blemishes, or do you have much wrinkling/ sagging?
  14. Is your tongue coated with a yellow, grayish-white, or thick film?
  15. Do you have dark circles around your eyes?
  16. Are your eyes bloodshot?
  17. Do you frequesntly suffer from heartburn or indigestion (bloating, gasm abdominal discomfort, sensitive stomach)?
  18. Do you have fewer than one bowel movement a day?
  19. Are your bowel movements uncomfortable? Do you have to strain?
  20. Is your urine dark yellow in color?
  21. Do you urinate frequently?
  22. Do you experience pain in your joints after eating certin foods or after slight exertion?
  23. Was this quiz hard for you to complete?

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Quiz topic: How toxic am I?