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  • this quiz was a waste of time.... sowwy

    Omega_Wolf Aug 25 '13, 6:03PM
  • First off, I almost decided not to take this quiz once I read the first question and one of the answers. 'No, I'm an American' for an answer is really dumb. You don't need to put the American part at the end, just the no part. American's DO drink tea, it's not just a British thing.

    DaughterOfApollo Apr 17 '12, 4:42PM
  • NO!!!!!!!! I am not 19% cool! WTF! Sorry but im in the preepy/popular/blon de group so some of these quiestions don't make sense..... What am I doing here? HuH? A Bunny? What?

    HotBeachBookworm Dec 22 '11, 8:14PM

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