This Is About Me (;

You know the bed feels warmer. Sleeping here alone. You know I dream in color and do the things I want. You think you got the best of me. La la la la...

You think you've got the last laugh. Bet you think that everything good is gone. You think you left me broken down. You think that I'll come running back.

Created by: Shiny_Starr

  1. Ello.
  2. My name is Katelyn. And you all can call me that, Starr, or Shiny. It doesn't matter to me. (:
  3. let me put some random facts about myself. kay?
  4. I'm 13
  5. I love Cats
  6. whenever I see those animal abusing commercials and the little African commercials, me and my bro see the look on there on their faces and think they just gotten raped. xD wow I'm terrible!
  7. I hate b----es. Like who doesn't? :P
  8. I once told this girl to f--- off because she was flirting with my crush. Ah, I HATE YOU TAYLOR! -___-
  9. I love Sega
  10. I think Kyle, and Stan from South park are cute .___. Oh and Clyde, Craig, and Butters. lol wtf is up with me?! xD

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