Think you crush loves you?

Hopefully you will be happy with the answers, because this quiz took awhile to make. Do not rate, it is not required heh. Trust me, I don't need to be popular on an online quiz site. I just help you with love life ok? Lol.

Will you get the crush of your daydreams and night dreams? Time to find out! And remember this is only a quiz- I can't give you exact answers. I can give you a good view of what it probably is. Later it will be your part to do! So let's take this quiz and find out if it's love or not.

Created by: yummy29

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  1. Are they being nice to you? If so how much
  2. Do you ever catch your crush staring at you? How much?
  3. If you catch your crush staring at you, What usually happens next
  4. If you and your crush ever talk, what is it about
  5. How long have you known each other
  6. How often do you fight? (Remember be honest to get proper answers and no one will know ur answers, i promise.)
  7. What is the most romantic you guys have ever got
  8. What is the most romantic setting you two have ever been in
  9. Are you guys around same age? (Affects but only a little)
  10. Do you guys have similar interests?
  11. Can you trust each other?
  12. Final question, do you two tease each other? If so how much

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