therian quiz --*******-

are you struggling to find out if ur Therian and if you are what kind? well this is the quiz for you! now have a nice day.............................

-⨺⋆🐾°☪ ☾You🐾🕸🍂🍄✮/ - -≽^•⩊•^≼-🐈⬛🐾⛥☆☯☯☆⋆°‧★🦋♡🌈°❀⋆.*:♡⚝ ⨺☾⋆ °✩ ✰: - :✰ 🦊🌿🐾*♡⸝⸝⋆^••^

Created by: emzonpaws
  1. where do you feel at home
  2. what do you think you are
  3. if you could have theese what would you take
  4. if ur crushing on someone how do you respond
  5. cyrstals,coral,leafs,yarn,or stone
  6. when mad or frightened what do you do
  7. do you do quads?
  8. do you feel somthings missing
  9. have you ever s---ed in anyway
  10. bye

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