Therian or Human?

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This is a therian quiz to help you figure out if your a therian or not! (This will not completely determine your type, but help a little!!) this quiz is a little short, it's my first one! There are tons of other quizzes out there to do after this one!

Please do not cheat. Cheating could possibly give you a lower score/not what you wanted. Nobody will judge you on your score, your welcome on this planet no matter who you are, unless your a bad person. Hope you enjoy this short quiz!

Created by: Pluto
  1. What is your reaction to being called an animal?
  2. Is your current life the right one/only one?
  3. Do certain emotions/feelings make you feel animalistic or do animal like things? E.g barking, hissing, whining
  4. Have you had a feeling where you feel more animal like then human?
  5. Have you chosen your theriotype yet?
  6. Do you do quads? (Quadrobics)
  7. Please rate this quiz out of 5! (This won't affect your score.)
  8. Do you think you're a therian?
  9. Have you don't decent research and know at least the basics about therianthropy?
  10. Do you enjoy being outside?
  11. Do you have a connection with any types of biomes? E..g desert, ocean, scrub, city

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