Hey! Come on over here and check this out! You might love it, and you might hate it! This is a quiz for anyone (fine, maybe not babies!) about Harry Potter.

Do you like challenges? Have you ever been bored to death because the quiz someone is giving you is so under your league? Even if barely know anything about Harry Potter, all I'm going to say is that anyone can take this quiz.

Created by: Potter Addict 999
  1. What is Lord Voldemort's true name?
  2. What movie was split in to two?
  3. Who wrote Harry Potter?
  4. What is a Basilisk?
  5. How many spells are there?
  6. Is Harry a Half-Blood or a Pure-Blood?
  7. Who does Ron like?
  8. Is Serious Black related to Harry?
  9. What is a Hippogriph?
  10. What was Harry's mom's name before she married James?
  11. How many Weasly kids are there?

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