Harry Potter IQ!!!!!!!!

Do you think you know a lot about Harry Potter? If you do, you should really take this test! I worked really hard on it and I hope you love it! Thanks!

Can you pass this quiz and get 100%? Do you love Harry Potter? Then this quiz is right for you. Also, you should check out some of my other quizzes like my broomstick quiz.

Created by: Sarah of Brainfall
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  1. What is hidden in the chamber of secrets?
  2. What is Neville's boggart?
  3. What does the D.A stand for?
  4. What is Ginny's patronus?
  5. Who is the half blood prince?
  6. Who is Harry's Godfather?
  7. What is the Deathly Hollows?
  8. Who was the last master of the Elder Wand?
  9. How does Dumbledore die?
  10. In Malfoy Manor, who saved Harry, Ron, Hermione, Luna, Dean, a goblin, and Ollavander?
  11. Who kills Dobby and Sirius Black?
  12. What is Dumbledore's FULL name?
  13. Who is the Defense against the Dark Arts teacher in the second book?
  14. How did Hermione get a Time Turner?
  15. When muggle's used to burn Wizards and Witches, what spell did they use to keep themselves from burning?
  16. Who took the Defense Against The Dark Arts job when Lupin was "ill"?
  17. When Bill and Fleur got married, what was Harry's fake name?
  18. What were the last words that Dobby ever spoke?

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