The Ultimate Harry Potter Quiz

This is a Harry Potter for the people who have a true devotion to JK Rowling world-famous book, Harry Potter. Please enjoy and share the quiz, with friends, family or other people you know that might like it.

Harry potter has always been a fasciation of mine and others around me. i hope whoever is reading this has experienced that warm feeling that i get whenever i turn the pages of Harry Potter. This quiz was designed for those who are passionate about books and love to read as much as I do (which is a lot!) and i just hope that everyone has and will love this quiz.

Created by: Clear Air44

  1. What is Hermione`s boggart`s form?
  2. How many fouls are there in the game Quidditch?
  3. Who was the teacher for defence against the dark arts in harry`s third year?
  4. What animal particularly offends Ron Weasley?
  5. What is the name of Sirius Black`s parents?
  6. What is not a Harry Potter spell?
  7. Who did Regulus Arcturus Black originally ask to destroy the locket of Salazar Slytherin?
  8. What is the full name of Albus Dumbledore?
  9. In the last book, what is the word that makes the dust-version of Dumbledore in Grimmauld Place disappear?
  10. Did Peter Petigrew betray the potters, true or false?
  11. What is Vernon Dursley`s job?
  12. What chess piece is Luna Lovegoods house shaped as?
  13. How did moaning myrtle die?
  14. What are the colours of Ravenclaw?
  15. What is Ron Weasley`s middle name.
  17. Ha! Just kidding...Anyways.....
  18. Who showed The Golden Trio the shrieking shack?
  19. The quiz is nearly done...
  20. Bye! Hope you enjoyed it anyway. Please comment your score and if you enjoyed the quiz or not. If get 80-100, please like the quiz to show that you did.

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