The Vampire Diaries V.S. Twilight!

Well, I was inspired to do this by my love for TVD and I used to be soo into Twilight. But I hope you like this series! -Matti/denim1 ( and a little help from the story lines )!

Enjoy! I bet you will! Bye bye and get on with the quiz! Well, that's it! ( Why do we have to have 2 pharagraphs? Just takes sooooo longer! ) So yeah...

Created by: denim1

  1. Elana and Damon were on their way to the Mystic grill. Un-aware of the other vampires with different powers that are present. " So, Elana. " Damon continues, " Every one here does not know about us. But that does not mean we know about them. " . Elana Replies with a head nod. On the other side of the bar Bella sits alone wating for Edward to arrive. " I'll be back in a minute. " Elana sit's wating, now alone. She spots Bella in the corner all alone, and then decideds to talk to her.
  2. " Hi, I have not seen you around! " Elana says. Bella looks up. She knows something is wrong. " Really? I came from Forks, ID. It's a long ways away, but that does not matter because I like the school here. Even though I am in college! It is great! " She replies. ELana see's Damon and says good bye to Bella.
  3. " Who was that?! " Damon says, VERY worried. " I don't know. " Elana says, as the waitress comes over to take their order.
  4. Edward walks into the room, both Elana and Damon are ready to listen to their next conversation. Ignoring the waitress as she walks away anoyed. So then, Edward walks over to talk to Damon. And just leaves Bella there alone. Damon looks at Eward, and just gives him the evil eye. He pushes Elana out of the way, and then Damon stands up. "
  5. Who do you think you are mister hero hair - " Edward interupes. " Hero hair? Who do you think you are, cause I know exactly who I am! ". And them Damon gets mad. " You know, I have a brother who is just like you - harsh, grusome, and has hero hair just like you! But the thing is - " Damon continues. " He knows not to mess with me. "
  6. Bella laughs and Elana walks over to her. Bella begains to say " What's going on? ". And Elana says back " You know - and I do too. " They cross their arms and say - Yeah -. But only one can win. Who?
  7. How do you like it so far?
  8. Well that's it for now, I will see you at part 2!
  9. Please comment/rate!
  10. Well! Bye bye, I will get part 2 put *ASAP*!

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