The Valentine Surprise Part 5

Here is part 5! Ephriam has just died O_O!!! Ethen and Blake are In McDonalds, entrance to Vaeyle's dark realm. The window has just broken. OMG AAH! XD Hehehe. Alright I'm tired! Good night... Zzz...

How will you survive alone in the car by yourself? How will anyone survive? Who will be the lucky receiptant of your love? Find out now! :D Start here at www. gotoquiz. com/ the_ valentine_ suprise_ part_1 (delete spaces).

Created by: Feygoddess of feygoddess kix butt >:)
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  1. Oh gods... Oh GAWDZ! Ephriam's head lolled from side to side as you shook him. Shards of glass fall off of him, your denials becoming extremely louder as he fails to respond. His eyes, once a forested hazel with streaks of gold like rays of sunlight spearing through the tree's canopy to writhe and dance on the soft, leaf-littered earth, were now a glazed, dull brown. "No..." you whisper the cursed word for the quintillionth time. You scream it as suddenly your golden hair (any characterization, feel free to make up) is grabbed cruelly by an unknown hand. You are hauled painfully out of the now open and unlocked car door by your burning scalp. The only person you could imagine could inflict such agony was... "Ryan?"
  2. "So sad to disappoint you, you sorry-looking b*tch." A voice, decidedly feminine, says above you. Several things prevent you from recognizing the speaker: for one, you were drenched. You realized its not just Epriam's blood and your tears that was it, but in the noiseless dying of him, it must have began to rain. You have to blink several times to clear your eyes, and when you do, you almost scream.
  3. Lisa stands above you, grinning malovently and giving your head yet another vicious twist. Your neck protests and you let our a soft cry. Looking around with your peripherals for the weapons Ethen gave you, you see the pocket knife perhaps a foot away. It must have fallen out when Lisa had first opened the car. Beyond it you could see the gun resting against the tire. Lisa was going on and on about something. Vaguely you could hear her say "... never thought you'd see me again, did you, bit_ch?" You decide to....
  4. (Well, those answers were pointless! XD) Grabbing the knife, you try and stab it at her. She looks at you surprised, the flesh of her hand solidifying to rock the moment before the knife strikes it. As it bounces off harmlessly, she cackles delightedly. "Ryan taught me that one. You petty little witch! Time to dieee! My brother can't ruin my fun now!" She reaches down, and you......... grab the knife, slicing again at her. "Oh? Silly little--" Lisa gasps sarcastically. You alter the blade's path with a twitch of your wrist and insted cut off your soaked, long blonde locks, freeing you from her grasp.
  5. You roll over, lightning quick, and, ignoring the pain of the sharp glass biting into your skin, lunge for the gun. Behind you Lisa lets out an astonished breath. Still sliding on the wet tar of the parking lot, you lift the gun as you slam into the red car, knocking your breath out. You fire twice at her rapidly, at which they fly away far from your target. The third shot goes directy for Lisa's stupid, ugly red bangs toward the stupid, ugly brain under it, and you give a hoarse shout of triumph............. The bullet bounces off Lisa's head.
  6. "What?!" you cry out. You were certain she didn't turn into stone at the last second; besides the fact she was too stupid and stunned to have expected a rebellion from you, her skin also hadn't turn to gray yet. In fact, it was almost dark-purple-ish............ Ryan stepped out from under her shadow, hands extended. As he dropped his arms, the violet... force field?... faded. He smirked insolently.
  7. "Sister," he remarked, inclining his head at her ever so slightly, "T'would seem your skill has most definately slipped. It appears I will have to take Vaeyle's command into my own hands." Lisa snarled at him, and he commanded her to go attack Ethen and Blake! Where were they? Had they found HER? He saw you staring at him with flat hatred and smiled wickedly, explaining for your benifit. "We can't have you finding the Oracle, discovering your powers, and freeing those enslaved by your dear mother, can we? Thus she wants you dead; deatoryed, gone, annihilated... get the point?" You spit at him, which he neatly avoids. "My REAL parent's are in Hawaii! Don't you DARE compare that scum-bag a--hole 'goddess'" and here you sneer at the word, snarling more foully that Lisa, "to my LOVING, CARING PARENTS!!!!!"
  8. He shrugged. "Hide behind your lies, if you wish. T'will not save you from death." He stepped closer. "As much as I would like to stretch it out, I fear you will have to die rather quickly. My demonic companions are quite unskilled, although Lisa will buy me enough time to do what I musr." As he spoke, terror, blatantly late, gripped your heart. You eased your aching, bloody body slightly to your left, succeeding only in cutting yourself further on the jagged glass and bumping into Ephriam's bloody, lifeless legs as they hanged out the open door, at which you gagged. You aimed the gun quickly at his head, but he shook his head at you. "I thought you were a quick learner. Silly child." And with a flick of his wrist the gun went flying. Panic overcomes you as Ryan squatted next to you. "So pretty... such a waste." He whispered, his hot breath drifting across your face, a glisten of pink tongue between his teeth. "So... lovely." His hands slide over your body. You start screaming.....
  9. He flinches at your ear-piercing wail and grabs your neck. "Time to go!!!" He grunts, tightening his fists. Your eyes bulge as you gasp for air, your hands trying feebly to pull his hands off. Ryan's hands squeeze further, and in some firey recess of your mind you wonder how it was possible. Ryan strangled you...... and felt two strong hands close about his own throat. Ethen, appearing out of the rain from nowhere, flung Ryan off of you as he let go to grapple at his neck. You gasp and choke and retch and claw in your efforts to inhale more of the sweet air. "Eavy!" Blake yelled, replacing Ethen as he was pummeling Ryan. "She's alright." piped a clear, cheerful voice. You looked past Blake to your right and saw a small girl in a pink dress, all brunette, tightly curled ringlets and pink, pink, pink bows.
  10. The little girl sees you staring and beams happily."Who are you? Are you the Oracle?" She frowned. "Oh, that sounds so stiff and formal! But yes, I am she. Please, call me Charlotte. I believe that was once my name." You nod, and Ethen staggers over. You see he has taken a few hits, and you both ask at the same time, "Are you alright?" "Yeah" You both say again simultaneously, and after a moment laughed. Ethen helps you up and envelopes you in a great bear hug. "What happened to your hair?" He asked, fingering its ragged edges, which, despite it's cut, still late beyond you shoulders. You shrugged and told him. "Blaaaakeee!!!" Charlotte whined. "Ephriam looks sad." You all study him in silence. "It's not too bad," Ethen began. "WHAT? HE'S DEAD!!!!" You scream. "So were you." he retorted, easily holding your furious gaze. You realize your still in the embrace, your hands pressed against hist chest. You pull away from him and he lets you go with no comment.
  11. "We just have to take him back to Shaevene and Charro. Don't worry." Blake gently said, hesitatingly hugging you. You sigh and return it, and you feel him smile."I'll drive." he said. You can't tell whether he did it on purpose to make you sit with Ethen, or if he was truely considering his friend's driving abilities while injured. "Charlotte," Blake was saying, "You can't sit in the front. Your too small and young." She shot right back. "I'm AEONS older than you. Besides, I cant get blood on my silk lace! Do you know how hard it is to find some? Well, I'll have you know..." Somewhere in the midst of her blabbering, Blake realized her place was assured, and he threw up his hands in exasperation. You grin at the wry expression on his face, and he smiles back. Ethen props Ephriam's corpse against the chair and you slide in next to him, smiling to take away any hurt implied by her ill-considered words.
  12. You find it odd that the joy is contagious (perhaps it was the bubbly Oracle's presence) within the rain and blood. Ethen returns it, and soon the car is moving forward.... to the healers.

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