The Unwritten Book Quiz

I am writing a series of books called the Teardrop Chronicles. They are not made yet. PLEASE don't yell at me in the comments box. First of all, don't take this unless you think you can predict the future. Second, it is my first EVER quiz!!!

So, can YOU predict the future? Do YOU know the series of unwritten books? I betcha you do, if you give this some effort and dig up your mind for common sence! Good luck!

Created by: Frogpaw
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  1. Okay, so, in the first book, The Escape Of Crystal, what happened to Mac Spots in the very, very beginning?
  2. Who is Papa?
  3. How did Crystal die?
  4. Who did Sonya like?
  5. Why did Papa faint?
  6. Who is Rocky?
  7. Why was Crystal on the island?
  8. Okay, did you like the quiz? (Hardly any effect)
  9. Oh, I need more Qs. So, these won't affect you. So, how's it been?
  10. Will you read my book?

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