alot of people love sonic boom and a bunch know sonic boom but do you know the details well just take this quiz to find out! just read the questions,click the answers and hit "submit answers"

are YOU a genius of sonic boom do you have the sonic brainpower qualify for the title for a sonic boom genius? untill now you could only wonder but thanks to this great sonic boom quiz in just a few minutes you will find out! so what are you still reading this for just take the dang quiz already!

Created by: violet679

  1. what was the 1st sonic boom show EVER?
  2. who dose sonic's voice in sonic boom?
  3. how meny season's dose sonic boom have?
  4. how meny episodes do sonic boom have (btw this quiz was made in 2/18/2016)
  5. what episode was shadow the hedgehog first seen in sonc boom
  6. who dose tails have a crush on in sonic boom?
  7. true or false the same voice actor that plays sonic plays shadow two?
  8. has there benn a cuss word any of the sonic boom shows
  9. has someone broke the forth wall?
  10. and now for the last question is sonic boom the best quiz EVER

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