The ultimate twilight series quiz

There are many twilight fans, but are you a REAL twilight series fan??? Take this quiz to find out! Please comment and rate!! Thankyou!! Mrs.Cullen

Come see if your a REAL twi hard, like me! Come see, how big of a fan you are here, in this ultimate twilight quiz, thankyou!!!!!!! Mrs.Cullen!!!!!

Created by: Mrs.cullen
  1. Let's start out easy what is Bella's eye color?
  2. When is Edwards birthday
  3. What's Sams werewolf color
  4. What was Edwards eye color BEFORE he turned into a vampire
  5. In twilight what did Edward take a bite out of, in the lunch room with bella
  6. What wrist does Bella break after she punches jacob
  7. What's renesmee's middle name
  8. What's marcus's wife's name
  9. What's alice's human sisters name
  10. Who's Harry?
  11. Last but not least who imprinted on renesmee

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