The ULTIMATE Tangled Quiz! (SUPER HARD!!!)

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So you think you're a Tangled fan, huh? Well, unless you know this movie inside and out, you may want to sit this one out, because this is the ULTIMATE TANGLED QUIZ!

(Viewer discretion is advised, very hard, may cause brain damage from question difficulty) TANGLED TANGLED TANGLED TANGLED (manifesting) TANGLED TANGLED TANGLED

Created by: Pascal
  1. Starting off easy, who is the voice actor for Rapunzel?
  2. Which of these does Rapunzel NOT mention doing in her daily routine?
  3. Which Disney milestone did Tangled break?
  4. Which animal does Eugene mistake Pascal for?
  5. How many songs are there in Tangled (including reprises)?
  6. Where does Rapunzel end up hiding Eugene's satchel?
  7. When is Rapunzel and Eugene's first kiss?
  8. Okay, now getting harder, what is the dream of Tor in "I've got a dream"?
  9. How long was Tangled in production for?
  10. What does Eugene nickname Rapunzel throughout the movie?
  11. Time for some true or false: Maximus was named after and based off of an animator's dog
  12. True or false? Amanda Seyfried was originally wanted as the voice for Rapunzel
  13. True or false? Tangled was originally titled "Rapunzel Unbraided"
  14. Last true or false? Eugene's design was decided through a "hot man meeting" where the women on the team chose the traits they found most attractive
  15. Okay, its getting pretty hard now! What's the first thing Rapunzel says (not sings) after she leaves the tower?
  16. Where does the Snuggly duckling secret exit let out (where the stabbington brothers come out from)?
  17. How many lanterns were there in the "I see the light" sequence?
  18. What does Rapunzel first say to Eugene when he wakes up in her tower?
  19. What was the title of the original prototype version of "When will my life begin" sung by Alan Menken?
  20. What does Rapunzel first do with the crown when she finds it?
  21. Which familiar character can be seen in the Snuggly duckling?
  22. Which pub thug knocks out the captain of the guard when they're saving Eugene?
  23. What does Pascal see in the Snuggly Duckling that scares him?
  24. Lastly, what does Mother Gothel bring back for Rapunzel to make soup?

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