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do you like the disney animation motion picture, Tangled? If you do you should totally take this quiz!A tangled expert is someone who knows everything about the movie!

ARE YOU A TANGLED MOVIE EXPERT? Don't know, then take this quiz..........PRETTY PLEASE! I'm sorry if you're answers are not correct, yes and the quiz is easy!

Created by: Kristin

  1. Who's the criminal who's real name is Eugene?
  2. What's the horses's name?
  3. What's the chameleon's name?
  4. Who plays Rapunzel?
  5. Who plays Flynn Rider?
  6. How long is Rapunzel's hair?
  7. What color is Maximus?
  8. What power does Rapunzel's hair have?
  9. What weapon does Rapunzel use to knock Flynn Rider out?
  10. Rapunzel's dream is to:

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