the movie mania quiz

there's many smart people in this world.but i have a question for you are you one of those people? maybe you are. maybe you aren't you should take my movie test and find out.

are you a movie master? do you know every actor and actress and every movie. do you have what it takes to become a movie master. my test will find out so just take 5 or 10 minutes to find out. good luck.

Created by: shyla
  1. who is jack sparrow in pirates and the carriban?
  2. who plays ricky bobby in taladaga nights?
  3. in the movie chucky who plays the voice of tiffany?
  4. in the movie shrek who plays the voice of donkey?
  5. who plays gracie heart in miss congeniality?
  6. who plays the cat in the cat in the hat?
  7. in the movie the fox and the hound 2. who plays the dog named cash?
  8. in the movie big fat liar who plays the charactor jason?
  9. in the movie yes man the charactor carl is played by...
  10. in the movie monsters inc who says this line your the boss your the boss your the big hairy boss
  11. in the movie white noise who died in a car crash

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