the ULTIMATE spongebob quiz

There are many spongebob watchers, but only few are fans. Spongebob is way better than anything else!!! You need to try to be a spongebob fanatic!!!

Are YOU a spongebob fan? Do you want to be a spongebob fan? Well now you will know. Thanks to this quiz, you will find out if your a spongebob fan!

Created by: Puppy lova

  1. What is the date that spongebob was born?
  2. Who is the fish that always yells "my leg"?
  3. Each of the spongebob characters represent one of 7 deadly sins, which one do you think is plankton?
  4. Is bikini bottom real?
  5. Which two spongebob characters are first cousins?
  6. What did the first spongebob wear on his head and what color?
  7. What was spongebobs original name?
  8. What year did the fungi, spongiforma squarepantsii, get discovered and named after spongebob?
  9. How much does Patrick weigh?
  10. What animal is squidward really supposed to be?
  11. Which voices of spongebob characters are married in real life?
  12. What job does the creator of spongebob have?
  13. Does Patrick have a sister/brother, if so, what is their name?

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