The Ultimate Spirit Animal Test

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"Humans are amphibians - half spirit and half animal. As spirits they belong to the eternal world, but as animals they inhabit time." ( CS Lewis) ...And he should know, because by all accounts CS Lewis was a human.

Are YOU a human? Maybe on the outside, but on the inside... maybe there lies Wolf. Perhaps there waits Bear. Could be, curiously, Coyote. Take this test and know for sure what animal you are, in spirit.

Created by: Iblis O'Shaughnessy
  1. A storm approaches from the northwest... the wind begins to lift your hair, and the very air around you feels ionically charged... this makes you feel
  2. The music is loud, hypnotic... you squint into the shifting, kaleidoscopic smear of darkness and light, down the long, polished corridor known colloquially as "Lane 35" at the Astro-Bowl, and consider the bleakness of the 7-10 split before you. Your next move is to...
  3. Which of these foods holds the key to your well-being and longevity?
  4. Your last name is Burns. What is your first name?
  5. Though you defy all attempts to pigeonhole your vastly complex personality, if you were a colorspace, you would be...
  6. Which of these fine motor vehicles best serves as a metaphorical representation of your passions:
  7. It's well past midnight, and you're running pell-mell through the forest to escape... something. What is it?
  8. What wine would be the best choice to serve the guests of a seven-course meal wherein the main course was once a Little Pony named Rainbow Dash.
  9. What type of telephone do you own?
  10. Here... taste this soup. It's missing something, right? What should I add to put it over the top?

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