The Ultimate Punk Quiz!

There are lots of punks in the world but not many punk experts! But if you think you got what it takes then check out my quiz! Some questions are difficult, but it's worth a try! This is the ultimate punk quiz!!! By doing this quiz you can actually find out some cool stuff about all of these old bands that I love and respect a lot! Enjoy!

ARE YOU A PUNK KNOW IT ALL? OR DO YOU KNOW NOTHING AT ALL? Well this is a quiz I made up to test people's knowledge about real punk! There are lots of different questions and answers thrown in here. But don't get upset if you didn't get a good result ok coz lot's of people don't know this stuff ok!

Created by: m.c
  1. What is Nancy Spungen's middle name?
  2. How did Sid Vicious die?
  3. What band is Beki Bondage from?
  4. Which lyric from a famous iggy pop song is tattooed on Henry Rollins back?
  5. What are your fav bands?
  6. What is your style?
  7. Which band is female guitarist is Poison Ivy in?
  8. Do you think punk is all about politics?
  9. How did Wendy O Willams die?
  10. In the mid 80's what was the band name that Courtney Love (hole) and Kat Bjelland (babes in toyland) chose?
  11. Which Australian punk band bought out the song I'm Stranded?
  12. Do you think Avril Lavigne is punk?
  13. Which band bought out the punk anthem Kick Out the Jams?
  14. What iggy pop song did the dictators do a remake of?
  15. Which member from mc5 did Patti Smith marry?
  16. Which band was Richard Hell in before Richard Hell and the Voidoids?
  17. Which punk venue did the Ramones play at?
  18. Who's mother did Johnny Rotten marry?
  19. Which member from Rancid did Brody Dalle marry?
  20. What does CBGB stand for?

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