The ultimate krew test

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Here is a simple quiz about funneh and the krew try your best and don't rage like she does at obby so yea by the way this is my first quiz I hope you enjoy it

If you realise any mistakes please tell p s I don't know how but please don't delete this quiz I think this is a quite accurate quiz about funneh and the krew

Created by: Katherine

  1. what are the krew to funneh
  2. What is her favourite colour
  3. I got lazy have you
  4. If you comment it is what the krew would say oh yes what is your favourite colour
  5. Um crisps or veg
  6. 5 hours of the krew or home work
  7. Your favourite veg
  8. Meh or nah
  9. Fate or FATE
  10. You can choose to live in Canada or Russia

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