The ultimate koopaling quiz

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There are so many people who are genius but you are beyond awesome at this stuff I mean what are you going to be when you defeat mario that is what I am talking about

Are you four eyes and smart do you have the stuff to qualify for that awesome title!you could wonder. But thanks for taking the awesome quiz dude you are so nice

Created by: Isabella Northrop
  1. What is Larry Koopa's name in the new super mario bros super show?
  2. What does Ludwig von koopa like to eat?
  3. What are the koopaling known to be
  4. In super mario bros u where does high take over?
  5. Which koopaling do you find interesting?
  6. Which koopaling is your favorite
  7. Which koopaling is a crazy mechanic
  8. Which koopaling is the oldest
  9. Which koopaling would you rather be
  10. Where does Ludwig von koopa live

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