Everyone wonders about their "Intelligence Quotient" or IQ, and the world wide web provides some silly little tests with which people try to find an answer to that question. However, they are unscientific or too long and boring.

This test provides a welcome change. The questions are a scientific collection of IQ related material that is not boring in the least. Enjoy, and hopefully you score high!

Created by: liz

  1. Two trains are approaching Rhode Island. One of them left Wyoming at 3:30 and the other left Maryland at 9:00. Did I mean "am" or "pm"?
  2. Who received the sandwich when DJ went anorexic?
  3. What's missing in this sequence: thin,regular,chunky,____,hefty...
  4. John Ritter poisons with selenium:"Lethal Vows"::_________:"No One Would Tell"
  5. Which of the following 5 is least like the other 4? sparkling wiggles,racist jokes,jokes about fat people, witty repartee
  6. What is the capital of djibouti?
  7. Snakes:Wyoming hills::______:princeton graduation '04
  8. If a light is out at the intersection what should you do?
  9. Whats the next imagine in this sequence: (*) (&) (^) ??
  10. How much would you pay for shampoo?
  11. What do we all think at other people's birthday parties?
  12. What's the best flavor of salad dressing?
  13. Skeksis:bad::_____:good

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