The Ultimate High School Musical Quiz

there are many high school musical fans...but are you The Ultimate Fann i hope so...if you get 100% on the'll know that your a star to be!!! maybe i'll see in the next HSM!!

If you know high school musical back to front this is for will hav you counting songs and it will boggle your mind...but we're al in this together...isnt it fabulous

Created by: linik

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  1. How many songs is Sharpay in, in High School Musical 2?
  2. In High School Musical 1, how many people auditioned for the single role in the winter musical?
  3. Who plays the role of Gabriella Montez?
  4. Complete the rest of this sentence... Humu humu...
  5. What is Sharpays dogs name??
  6. What is Ms Darbus' spring musical called???
  7. What name is given to the followers of Sharpay???
  8. Finish this sentence... "Evaporate...
  9. What is the high school called?
  10. What is Gabriellas job in High School Musical 2?

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