The Ultimate Doctor Who Quiz

The are a few Doctor Who Quizes, but this may be the hardest. You might learn some things by this quiz Hint: check wikipedia for some answers if so hard.

I made this quiz out of pure bordem. This is my first quiz I have made and I hope it's true. I used the internet to help me and it might help you too...

Created by: Blueberrycat

  1. When did Doctor Who first start?
  2. How many episodes have there been? (June 2012)
  3. What were the years did Tom Baker be Doctor? (Fourth Doctor)
  4. What were the years of the First Doctor? (William Hartnell)
  5. Which episode had one-off monsters in it?
  6. Which isn't a Doctor Who book?
  7. True or False Daleks are the aliens appearing in most episodes.
  8. True or False There was a stage show of Doctor Who
  9. What song or band isn't related to Doctor Who?
  10. And finally, what was one of the highest numbers of people watching Doctor Who during the Fourth Doctor?

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