the twin(a confusing story)

Hello, this is my first story quiz so don't judge. It is about a girl called scarlet, who has an identical twin sister but doesn't even know it. Due to her ignorance, her sister, crimson, being the crazed psychopath that she is, constantly gets scarlet into trouble, leaving scarlet confused and baffled

Will scarlet catch this earlier-unknown sister? Maybe. Will she find love? Probably not. Will she gain new friends? I'm not sure yet. Will she get into trouble? Yep, a whole lot. enjoy.

Created by: HIIRO

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  1. I'm running through the dark forest and I know this is not a dream. No, it's too real. I can feel the cold air, feel the icy air freeze my lungs every time I breathe. I can smell the acrid scent of blood in the air. blood and something else. The hard thorny trees whip my arms and I fight hard to keep my self from crying out loud. I struggle on.
  2. I can hear what it is that I am running from behind me. It is getting closer to me. the thought gives me a boost of adrenaline and I run faster. My side hurts, my lungs are burning and my breath is coming out in short, sharp pants, like a dog. I trip over a branch and I can see the ground rising up to meet me.
  3. Click the first answer on question two for scarlet,the second for crimson, the third for ruby, the fourth for midnight and last for kitty, question two is the only question that matters.
  4. I fall hard. Hitting the floor before I even know I'm falling. I can feel a Bruise on my knee and another on my elbow. I see whatever it is I was running from in the shadows. It is a girl.
  5. She is roughly my size, slim, long legged and curvy, like me. Beyond that I cannot see anything more. She is deep in the shadows. She is little more than a silhouette. But I can see her hair.
  6. Her hair is very long, right up to her hips, like mine. It glints silver, like mine. I can't see the colour but I take a guess. Platinum blonde. That was the difference between us. My hair is black. raven black.
  7. I stand up and start to run again. I don't what it is about her but she scares. I didn't even see her face but i could feel it. The power, wickedness nd evil coming from her. She is holding something in her arms. I hear it hiss behind me and realise that it is a cat. Like mine. But it is snow white while mine is as black as my hair.
  8. My cat's name is midnight. I named her that because of the colour of her fur. She has glowing, intense emerald coloured eyes. She scares people who are superstitious. I mean, a green-eyed cat with fur as black as night. That's pretty scary. For some reason, she can talk, not in front of other people though, only to me. Which reminds me. Where is midnight...? Trust that cat not to show up when you need her...
  9. I continue to run suddenly a log appears that I swear was not there before. Due to slow reflexes, I trip on it. I fall on my face
  10. I try to get up but it seems like something is holding me down. I look around. Nothing. But I still can't get up. How much worse can life get? I'm in a place I don't know, running away from a weirdo with a weird cat, with bruises all over my body, and a deep gash on my thigh, wet, cold ,and weak.
  11. The girl steps out of the shadows and I see she is holding a knife. A very, very sharp knife. I think she Just went from weirdo to potential killer. I struggle with all my strength(which isn't a lot) but I can't release myself. The girl holds the knife over her head and says' say goodbye, scarlet' and the knife flashes down

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