the total body fitness test

am i in shape? its a question almost everybody asks them selves its okay to ask that its nateral. as long as you sleep drink water eat right and exersise every one can stop this one question that always comes up in the mirror

are you in shape? i am. im proud, and you will be dont you want to see those abdominals show? eating healthy is a little price to pay when you finaly see those abbs!!!

Created by: james
  1. how many hours of sleep do you get?
  2. which of these foods would you (on a regular day eat) (breaksast through diner)
  3. how often do you read or study?
  4. do you feel comfertable in tight clothes
  5. how many servings of veggies do you eat in a week
  6. do you smoke
  7. (brain part) 21339350328 which numbers match the one displayed
  8. how often do you exersise
  9. how many fruits do you consume a week
  10. how much protien do u consume a week
  11. what snack would you most likley eat
  12. final question! do you want to loose weight
  13. How much water do you drink

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