The Throwaway (RP quiz)

The Throwaway is a RP quiz where you are a shy kid being abused by your parents and teachers. Will you run away to freedom, or be killed by your parents?

DISCLAIMER: this RP quiz has dark themes. If you are younger than 14, click off this now!!! Unless your me cus I have privileges that are special. 😏 on you b----es

Created by: Asagiri Kaname

  1. When you get to school, a teacher asks you if you can talk. The teacher takes you into a room and starts punching your face and neck.
  2. When you get home, your father and mother tie you to a wall and start rapidly punching you.
  3. You successfully have ran away. Where do you go?
  4. If you chose to go to the police station, you see your parents sitting in the seats filing a missing child report. They take you home.
  5. If you chose go home, your parents start beating you the second you get home. If you chose to go the police office, they do the same thing when you get home. They uncover your mouth though, giving you enough time to say something. What do you say?
  6. They scream cuss words at you the second you reply. Then whisk out a box cutter..
  7. If you clicked to scream, your parents kill you.
  8. If you click grab the box cutter and slash at them, they die and you run to the orphanage to get adopted.
  9. If you clicked slash and run, you get adopted by your kind aunt, Jamie.
  10. Bye

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